10 easy ways to have the most engaged volunteers in your pickup sports organization

Impactful stories and tips from one of the fastest growing open play volleyball groups in North America

“At some point, I had so many events, I couldn’t be in two places at once. I needed people to give me a hand.” — Dan Elliott, Philadelphia Volleyball


10 tips on how to have the most engaged and impactful volunteers

1 — You can start with just you.

2 — Have overarching values

3 — Set expectations

4 — Equip your volunteers so they are ready to “step up”

5 — Volunteers need your support

6 — Support the generation of new ideas

7 — Think about your own leadership style

8 — Recruit from within your own group and try to spot “natural leadership”

Joseph and his teammate Cynthia winning 1st Place CoEd B at the 1st Annual VolleyBrawl!! Photo courtesy of Friends of Philadelphia Volleyball

9 — Have perks for volunteers

10 — Show your gratitude

Unexpected effects of having passionate volunteers

Whats the best part about volunteering?

Joseph (at the front, taking the selfie) and his friends enjoying some Ramen after a volleyball game!

I volunteer not just because it takes me out of my daily routine life, but I feel like being a volunteer lets me get involved in the Philadelphia Volleyball community in a way that I would never get to if I were just attending as a player. It kind of teaches me something new about people that I meet there, about co-operation, and human connection. And in organizing the team sports, I’m reminded every time that everybody is in this together, and we need to remember to support each other. I think the best part of being a volunteer for Philadelphia Volleyball, for me, is meeting tones of different people. I’ve gained so many friends through the common interest, and importantly, the food adventures that we have after volleyball are one of the big reasons why I do what I do for the community [laughs]!

Hmm… seems a lot like Dan’s values :-)

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