Embed upcoming events on your website with our popular widget

Increase web traffic and let players join events directly from your website with our live updating widget!

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Chicago Fire Rec Soccer (CFRS) embedded the widget on their website at http://fire-pitch.com/pickups/

Players can immediately find and join exactly what they are looking for, through your website! Your website widget not only lists all of your upcoming events, but also allows players to join your event online, pay, and even sign your waiver, all in one step.

If a player clicks on the event, they are brought to the game details page where they can join the game online.

  • List View
  • Calendar View*
  • If you run multiple sports or events at multiple facilities, you can break down the view by sport or facility*

*If you would like to display the calendar view, sports view, or facility view, message the OpenSports Help Desk and we’ll help you get that set up. You can easily embed the list view on your own, following the instructions below.

Once you have created a Group for your sports/fitness organization and posted some events, click on “Events” tab > click Embed Events and copy the code to your website.

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Clicking on “Embed Events” gives you a code to paste to your website!

Voila! You have just turned website into an interactive and engaging tool that allows players to join your games! Want to collect payment for your game? Check out this guide!

If you have questions, please e-mail me at alicia@opensports.net

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