How to get OpenSports in your city faster!

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Rome wasn’t built in a day.

A few times a day, we notice user signups in cities like Madrid, Fort Wayne, Dallas, Tempe, and Dublin. The only thing these cities have in common (besides like a McDonald’s) is that OpenSports hasn’t launched in any of them yet.

But back to the original point. Rome wasn’t built in a day. In this situation, OpenSports is Rome.

Like Uber and Airbnb, OpenSports requires a user base to function properly. So, if there are 100 OpenSports users spread throughout the state of California, it’s hard for everybody to get together for a pickup game.

We’ve got a pretty lit situation in Toronto and it’s spreading into the surrounding areas. However, there are some ways to beat the system and get OpenSports in your city faster.


The best way is to start using the app to plan the events you currently organize. If you’re inviting friends, encourage them to invite friends. Little by little, you’ll start to grow a little community around you. It will definitely bump up the city you live in on the list of places we’re gonna launch in. You’ll be getting OpenSports well before Whitefish gets Uber. Sorry, Whitefish.


Word of mouth is still an amazing endorsement for any product or service. You’re friends trust you to give them advice and to tell them what’s good and what’s not so good and really not so good.


Sharing on social media and different digital networks is also an amazing way to attract strangers. Facebook and Whatsapp groups are a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR KEY. I know, DJ Khaled’s lame, but major key perfectly describes the gem Facebook and Whatsapp groups are for finding pickup soccer players to come to the games you create. Almost every city has several groups dedicated to pick-up soccer meetups. Let’s get all those groups together on the OpenSports app.

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