Three simple steps to move your group from Meetup to OpenSports

If you’re looking for the best alternative to Meetup, Sportsvite, Whatsapp and Facebook, read on!

Groups that have moved from Meetup to OpenSports

We have helped hundreds of sports groups of all sizes through their transition from platforms like Meetup and Sportsvite, to OpenSports.

1. Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer

Here’s their upcoming events embedded on their own website:

2. Philadelphia Volleyball

3. Sons of Pitches FC

Check out SOPFC’s Pickup soccer page on their website to see how they embed OpenSports events onto their web page.


We only charge for paid events and don’t have monthly fees. We offer the full gamut of Meetup features along with many others such as support for waivers, discounts, waitlists for paid events, etc. Transaction fees of $5% + $0.30 including Stripe credit card fees.

Make the move in 3 easy steps

When organizers start to create events within their new group on OpenSports, they typically post on multiple platforms for a few weeks, to give a clear indication that the group is moving over fully to OpenSports. For large groups (over 2,000 members) this often means that moving their group members over takes a few weeks. For smaller groups, it should take less than one week to complete the transition.

Once you have created your public or private group, there are three simple steps to complete your transition:

1)Create your first few events

2)Invite members to your group through our email invite tool, or by sharing the link to your group

3)Continue to post your OpenSports events on platforms you were formerly using, like Meetup…

If you still have a group on Meetup, we recommend you continue to create events on Meetup, and in the event description, share the link to your OpenSports event. Open up zero spots (if thats not possible, just open up one spot). Write something like “We are moving our group to OpenSports. Starting today, you must join through the OpenSports link to play!”

If you have a group on Facebook, be sure to let them know that you are going to be using OpenSports to post events and send invites, with a post like the one below:

Image for post
Image for post

Continue to make announcements about your group before your first event! Share links to your OpenSports group on all of your social media channels, in group chats, and via email, to give a clear indication that you will be posting events on OpenSports!

Web, iOS, and Android

We built this platform to be inclusive for both web and app lovers! Players do not need to download the app to join your group and get event invites and notifications!

We want to support you as best as we can!

We provide all the tools needed to launch, maintain and grow your Group! OpenSports Organizers get exclusive one-on-one support from our team. Just let us know how we can help by emailing

Thanks! Alicia from OpenSports ❤

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