How to require people to sign up for two or more spots on OpenSports

Let’s say you require a parent AND a child to join an event

Event creators can specify which tickets/how many tickets must be part of an order when they create an event on OpenSports. Let’s say it’s a parent-child event, and you want each parent to be required to purchase a parent ticket AND a child ticket.

When creating an event and entering in ticket details, we’ve added this new checkbox (“Required for Order”):

The event manager will then see the required checkbox reflected like this:

Below is a screenshot of what happens when a user clicks join. In the case where a user is required to purchase both a Parent spot and a Child spot, all the required spots will get added automatically to the order. In the event of a parent having multiple children they want to sign up then they can still tap “Add a guest” to add them in:

These changes are live on the web and we are targeting them for the app next week. That said, any ticket order restrictions you put in place on the web will apply to app users as well in the interim. For instance, if there are 0 children spots left and 1 parent spot left and both are required then the user will no longer be able to place the order and will instead receive an error message explaining the situation. Likewise, if all of the required spots are taken, no matter how many non-required spots are left, those are considered taken too.

How this works with the waitlist

The waitlist handles required spots very well! When a user joins the waitlist for an event with 2 required spots, even though they are not prompted to select both spots when joining the waitlist, they do automatically join the waitlist with both of those spots. So, if a spot on the waitlist opens up to them, they can take both of the require spots.

How to enable this feature

We switch on the “Required for order” button on a case by case basis. Let us know if you would like us to switch it on for you!

If you have questions about required spots, let us know! Send an email to

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