Instagramable Balloons: How to get YC Partners to come to You

The story of a friendly airport ambush that led to us meeting two Partners from Y Combinator after many rejections

Yuri, James, and Kat happily meeting for the first time at Pearson Airport. We were total strangers, and they were joyful and surprised!

Let’s rewind one second. Where did this idea originate from?

Team Buy-In

Alicia still at iBoost, showing off one of our fresh-off-the-press welcome signs!
James and I picking up the YC balloons and quite obviously very hyper!

Airport Set Up

Sitting, waiting, wishing!

Disappointed but Determined

Our temporary “office space” at Booster Juice, home of creative flow🤓🍸

Exhaustion and Euphoria

The Big Meeting

Founders’ celebration in style! There was a lot to be thankful for this week.

P.S. Did You know That Dairy Cows’ Fitness Matters?

Kat at another presentation in Toronto. Take home point here: if you’re going to position your company as “The X for Y”, make sure people know what the Y is! She really liked this analogy.

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