Long Weekend in Toronto: Where to Play PickUp Soccer

We’re taking over UofT’s Back Campus, Central Tech Stadium and Monarch Park Stadium!

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If you’re staying downtown during the long weekend, you might want to consider playing pickup soccer at Toronto’s best outdoor soccer facility: Central Tech Stadium!

Take advantage of the turf, the hot sun, and the friendly competition:

  1. Saturday 10am-noon, outdoor turf, free:

Click link to join👇

2. Saturday 3pm, Mississauga, outdoor grass, Free:

Click link to join👇

3. Sunday 4:45–7pm, outdoor turf, $10:

One of our local amazing organizers is planning at game at Monarch Park.

Click link to join👇

4. Monday Morning, 10:30am–12:30, outdoor turf, Free:

Click link to join👇

5. Monday Night, 8–9:30pm, outdoor turf, $12:

Toronto Soccer Connection is hosting 1.5hr pickup soccer game from 8–9:30pm. 3 teams 0f 7, rotating. There will be goalkeepers so you know it will be the maximum amount of fun!

Click link to join👇

We will continue to add to this list as the long weekend gets closer and closer. Keep your eyes locked on the website for more pickup soccer in this beautiful city!

We hope you are enjoying the summer of sports in the city as much as we are:)

Your sports fam,

Alicia & the OpenSports Team

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Inspiring stories about organizing and playing pick-up/drop-in sports. Create and find games on our amazing app & website 🏀⚽️🏐🎾🏃🏼 https://opensports.net

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