Run your Badminton drop-in games on OpenSports

Invite players at different levels, view who’s coming, collect payment for RSVP’s and shuttlecocks, and create memberships

Simple group and event management tools on an integrated web and app platform

Send invites using level filters to ensure quality of play

You can turn on the gender, skill level, and availability invite filters to ensure only the right players in your group are receiving notifications about events.

Watch as players fill all the spots quickly

Repeat events

Keep your players informed about what’s going on in your badminton community

Alert members about cancelled play

Create memberships that give players a discount on each drop-in play

Automatic waitlist for pre-paid events

Case Studies:

1. Pittsburgh Badminton (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

2. Sydney Badminton Players (Sydney, Australia)

3. Barking Doubles Badminton Meetup (New Castle, UK)

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Group shot of players from Pittsburgh Badminton Club, who came on board to OpenSports in 2018

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