Create a League Part 1: Set up a league on OpenSports (Web)

Part I: League Creation

Part I: League Creation

Welcome to OpenSports Leagues/Tournaments!

This system was dreamed of many years ago, and we started to develop it in mid-to-late 2019. To see our hard work come to fruition, and to have it in your hands now, is incredibly rewarding. Let’s create a league!


This article is the first part of a two-part tutorial to help you get started with OpenSports leagues.

In this article, we’ll walk you step-by-step through (i) creating your first league. In the next tutorial, we will walk you through (ii) creating and publishing a round robin schedule.

Let’s get started!

1. Create a group & connect to Stripe

If you already have a group on OpenSports, skip this step.

A) Log in to your admin user account and create a new group.

B) Set up payment details (Stripe account)

2. Creating your first league

A) Getting started & select league type

B) League name & season title

C) League details and pools

Fill out some information about the league

Set up pools/divisions (Pools are optional, and we will be allowing you to add more than two pools soon).

D) Key dates and registration settings

Set up Registration Dates and Match Dates

Registration Settings

E) Add Registration Options — how players/teams will sign up

OpenSports offers a wide array of registration options. Two popular options are by Team or by Free Agent.

Custom registration dates

For this tutorial, we’ll set up 10 regular team registration tickets where the captain will pay for the entire team, and 10 split payment tickets at $150 per player (but only 10 spots will be available in total).

Custom Questions — if you would like captains & players to answer custom questions while they are registering as a player in your league

Use the default registration dates or change this to custom dates

F) Match settings

G) League dashboard & Edit league settings

Hooray! You have created your league! Once your league is created, you can see the league, set up the schedule, and edit the settings, under the League tab.

H) Invite players

Now that you’ve created your league, you’ll want to share the link to the league with everybody! That way they can register

Let all of your club’s members know that registration is open and direct them to the OpenSports app (or your group’s web URL) so that captains and free agents can find and join the tournament.

🍾🍾 Congrats!!! You have created your first league!!

To recap, in Part I of the tutorial, you’ve managed to create your first league!

When you’re ready, move on to Part II, where we’ll continue by creating and publishing a schedule of round robin matches.

Woohoo! Any questions about setting up a tournament… send them our way to :)