Help your Players Switch to OpenSports

Now that we have helped some of the largest sports groups move their groups over to OpenSports from platforms like Meetup, Sportsvite, Facebook, Email and Whatsapp, we know the steps it takes to make the transition as seamless for you and your members as possible!

Just create a “We are switching platforms” e-mail with step by step instructions on how to easily sign up for your group on OpenSports. Use the following template as a guide.

Note: If you created a private group, follow these steps to invite members to it (you need to create a unique invite code for private groups).

Dear [members of Toronto Pickup Soccer Group],

[Toronto PickUp Soccer Group] is migrating our group page from Meetup to! This is a much easier and cleaner interface for both users and admins. We will be rolling out this system over the next month.

We strongly encourage you to join so that you can receive invites to upcoming pick-up games and events hosted by us. OpenSports is a Web and App platform for Android and iOS. If any of our events are changed or cancelled, you will be able to receive push notifications via the app and/or email.

Here’s how to join our Group through OpenSports:

If you join our group through iOS/Android (recommended):

  • Download the OpenSports App for iOS or Android
  • Complete the simple onboarding process
  • Click on the [Toronto PickUp Soccer Group] group at the top of the Games Feed Page (The Games Feed Page is the middle tab with the “O” icon)
  • Click the green “Join” button and you will automatically become a member of our group (unless the group requires permission to join

If you join through the website:

  • You will be prompted to either sign up with Facebook or by entering your Email address. You must fill in all the fields, including uploading a photo.
  • You will receive an Email confirmation > Click on “Verify Account”
  • Once you click verify account, you will receive a message saying “Your account has been verified” and then be redirected the the Group, which you have now joined🔥!

If you want to learn more about receiving game invites and notifications if you don’t have the app, read here.

Next steps once you’ve joined the Group:

  • Click on the event that you wish to sign up for
  • On the next page that opens (Event Details), click on the green “Join” button
  • Follow the prompts to RSVP and pay for your spot electronically

If you have any issues joining, please connect with the OpenSports Help desk (in-app) or e-mail

You can also simply invite players to your group through your group’s homepage under the invite tab (web & app compatible). If you invite them this way, through the OpenSports system, you will can send them a customized message:

You can add custom text to your email invite, when you invite members to your group through the website.

I hope this e-mail template makes it super easy to start transitioning your group members to OpenSports! If you have any questions about moving your group from a platform like meetup to OpenSports, just email me at 🤗




Inspiring stories about organizing and playing pick-up/drop-in sports. Create and find games on our amazing app & website 🏀⚽️🏐🎾🏃🏼

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Inspiring stories about organizing and playing pick-up/drop-in sports. Create and find games on our amazing app & website 🏀⚽️🏐🎾🏃🏼